Essay on The Nature Of Blue Ridge Cropped

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Blue Ridge cropped
You tie your hiking boots in perfectly snug knots and gently stand up, brushing the pebbles off of your left knee. A deep breath of fresh air fills your lungs as your first step leads into the wilderness. The warm breeze smells like dirt, nature at its finest. Leaves crunch beneath your powerful feet and pebbles fling off the trail, scuttling to a slow stop. You march on. Thoughts of the office vanish from your mind and Thanksgiving stumbles in. Certainly, something you 're grateful for is this round, aged, beautiful earth that you have the freedom to trek along.

Today is National Take a Hike Day. Nobody knows whether this day is designed for people to bellow "take a hike" to those who deserve it, or venture into the wilderness for some healthy, much-needed exercise. Aladdin Travel interprets it as the latter.

What better time to embrace nature than late autumn? Leaves transform from bright greens to light yellows and dark ambers before they shrivel and freeze off into the bone cold winter. Just a few months away marks the National Parks 100th birthday year! What a wonderful excuse to travel to one, right before the whirling holidays swing in. Knock a few National Parks off avid hikers ' bucket lists this year!

1.) Blue Ridge Parkway

blue ridge mountain collage

This winding road stretches from the Great Smokey Mountains of North Carolina all the way up the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. As far as the eye can see, vast mountains roll along the 469…

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