Essay on The National Tourism Organisations ( Rto )

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Question One - A
National Tourism Organisations (NTO) are responsible for marketing a country to tourists. NTO 's are publically funded government agencies that do the promoting and marketing for their country. Their promoting and marketing is directed towards inbound tourists. Tourism New Zealand is New Zealand 's NTO and are responsible for marketing our country as a destination. Tourism New Zealand implements, promotes and develops marketing strategies that market New Zealand 's tourism industry and are responsible for marketing our country as a tourist destination. Tourism New Zealand has used the 100% Pure campaign as the marketing tool to help develop and promote New Zealand to the rest of the world. Question One – B
Regional Tourism Organisations (RTO) are local government funded agencies who are responsible for marketing their regions both domestically and internationally. RTO 's tend to promote tourism to certain regions as opposed to a whole country. Local governments interact majorly within the tourism industry and is often responsible for the resources required for many of the services and facilities used by tourists. Question Two
The purpose of the New Zealand Tourism 2025 strategy document is that it presents a strategic framework for achieving growth and improving the competitiveness of New Zealand tourism. The document is not a detailed plan but more of a shared vision. In an industry as diverse as tourism, alignment is what matters. Tourism 2025…

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