An Overview Of The UK Tourism Industry

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The meaning of Tourism is the limited period travelling for recreation, leisure, and family visiting purposes. Tourism is generally concise with trans-national travel, but it is also associate with travel of some other region within the country (John Swarbrooke, 2001).
Tourism becomes the popular recreation activity now days around the globe. It relates to both domestic and international. International tourism create a good influence on country's balance of payments either it is incoming tour or outgoing. Now, this tourism industry becomes a key income source for many countries, and it concern with the economy of two countries at a time i.e. source and host country.
United Kingdom is including in world’s best tourist destination, its rank is
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UK tourism industry faces many threats. These threats come from new entrants like Turkey, Germany, Egypt, Malaysia and Mexico. The estimated numbers during in 2012 about international tourists that arrive in UK were round about 29.2 million, and it was 28.3 million in 2010. It showed a significant change from 2010 to 2011 that is increase round about 3.2% according to UNWTO (2012).
As we seen in 2011, tourism industry of Turkey rose up and became most visited tourism destination and then UK become 6th most visited tourist destination from the world and it is estimated that in 2010 almost 29.3 million tourists visited UK and this ratio is changed in mid 2010 till 2011. It is also seen that UK face a serious threat of competition from Germany. UK visitor’s ratio is round about 7.8% and Germany’s ratio is round about5.5% from 2010 until 2011 ([Online].,

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