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BUS 781- Strategic Business Management Plan for an SME



Business proposal:

Our company “Travelfreaks” main purpose is to offer a cheapest, fastest and Reliable travel experience. We also involve Hotel bookings and Adventure Packages as per the demand of the Customer. Our plan is to expand business over the New Zealand initially and later all over the world. Approximate budget of the plan is about $50,000 to 1, 00,000. Location for the Plan is online. The company future plan is more growth and company will expand its reach and access in the market.
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• To work closely with Airlines, other tourism suppliers, a lis ted bodies and relevant government agencies to promote tourism
• To promote, stimulate and promote travel to the public
• To act as a liaison between the travel agents and the airlines, tourism suppliers, affiliated bodies and government agencies on issues and matters of concern.
• To become the top airline consolidator in New Zealand by partnering with airlines, Hotels and Travel agents.
• To maintain our personalized level of quality service while serving as many customers as possible at same time.
• To be respected part of the communities where we do business.
Purpose of Business:
The purpose of my business is to give people lifetime memories where they can save and share their travelling experiences including destinations, Sight Seeing, Hotels and restaurants. People can share their views which can be helpful to other travellers. Apart from that, my business has same motive as other businesses have which is profit. Profit is very necessary for business.

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It also deliver $32 million in foreign exchange to New Zealand each day of the year.
Almost 3, 00,000 are directly or indirectly connected with tourism industry which is equal to 12% of total people employed in New Zealand. Characteristics of Tourism Industry:
Perishability: It is utmost important characteristics of tourism industry. Products/ services in tourism industry are consumed only when they are produced. Rooms, cable car seats cannot be stored for future sales. For Example: If Hotel is not booked tonight then you cannot sell it tomorrow. Once the flight is departure you cannot sold tickets for vacant seats after that.
Inconsistency: We can only estimate from our previous data or from upcoming events that how many people are going to travel but there is not any surety that such number of people will travel within these dates. So inconsistency is another characteristics of tourism industry.
Investment: Another characteristics of tourism industry is that it requires huge capital and profit generated from these investments can take years to realise. Planes, Cruises, Hotels need huge investment.
Key Competitors:
• Travel cafe
• House of

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