Churras & Co Company Case Study

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 The costs of the data collection methods discussed.
Data collection methods Costs
Selected data collection method 1: focus groups $10,000
Selected data collection method 2: one-on-one interviews in person or by telephone $5,000
Selected data collection method 3: use of questionnaires and other tools by staff to record data about enterprise activities $3,000
Total costs $18,000

 Your recommended options for collecting and analysing the data, including a consideration of the costs of data collection against the budget.
Data collection methods Costs Budget
Selected data collection method 1: focus groups $10,000 =
 Design focus group questions: $ 500
 Set up the discussion establishment: $500
 Invite the participants to attend the focus group discussion: $300
 Accommodations and
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It provides us a clear picture of both strategic and operational plans, objectives and growth directions.
 Company’s market research needs: from the analysis of marketing research we can have a better knowledge of what product line is in its growth cycle and which product line is in developing and declining cycle, from here we can determine what business decisions we need to make with these products of different performance level. Also we can identify what kind of customer attitudes hold towards us relative to the competitors and it can remind us how urgent we need to prepare for the impacts and market influence factors.
 Required business documentation for market research purposes: both human, physical and financial resources are required, prepared and allocated in place right before the market research project. And they are in good and workable conditions for the project implementation. The required costing is under the allocated business budget level as

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