Swot Analysis Of Lafarge Tarmac

Market penetration focuses on selling the company present products in the market in which the company is already present. Market development serves as the basis for growth strategy of the business where the company targets new market segment relying on its existing products. Product development helps the market to concentrate on developing new products to the in the existing market. And through diversification strategy the business seeks to introduce new product in new markets to expand its business. This technique provides detailed insight to the company for identifying the KPI and for forecasting its growth strategies and is a very helpful tool in devising business strategy (Hill, 2008)
1.3.2 Analysis of SWOT as Tool
SWOT analysis is another
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Their previous reputation is an asset which will help the joint venture in retaining creating and retaining their brand reputation. The joint venture has strong corporate culture with efficient and competent employees and adequate financial resources to finance the initial joint ventures function. Further combined resources and separate legacy of the products and integrated supply chain are one of the major strengths of Lafarge Tarmac.
Lafarge Tarmac is overly dependent on UK markets. The product cost is high as compared to its customers. Also Lafarge Tarmac faces difficulty in complying with the environmental regulations which can led the company to face difficulty while dealing with legal matters. Also the inefficient marketing strategies results in low visibility of the joint venture which is also a major weakness of Lafarge Tarmac.
Asset leverage and opportunity to expand in emerging markets are the major opportunities for Lafarge Tarmac. In addition to this services and product expansion and innovation are also significant opportunities for Lafarge
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The company has its products everywhere from homes to workplace, hospitals, schools, roads, flood defences and bridges. Lafarge Tarmac positions their product by marketing it for its environmental friendly nature. The company also uses its products in environmental protection and for manufacturing essential items such as paper, steel and glass. The company has strong corporate responsibility policy. They differentiate their products by continuously brining improvement in their products and making their products environmental friendly. The company is leading brand and capitalizes on consumers by stretching their belief that they are making efforts to replace from their products the elements that are less environmental friendly and delivering the products that are environmental friendly. In addition to it the company is focusing towards sustainability which can help the business in gaining competitive edge in the market (Hill,

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