The National Of Football Association Essay

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Individuals have the ability to encode, process, store, and retrieve information through listening, visualization, and experienced (hands-on) learning. Our brains feed on new material by the processes of reading and writing. Collectively forming literacy. Different individuals have their own ways of using this notion. The interactions I have had with soccer proves that there is a direct correlation with literacy. These practices of reading and writing on soccer are centered on the ability to create new experiences from interactive activities and progressively grow in athletic skills. Soccer is a worldwide sport that ripens a sufficient amount of connections between nations. However, these connections vary from person to person. An event that takes place every four years, the FIFA (Federation International of Football Association) World Cup, brings international teams together for roughly one month to celebrate the game of soccer in support of their nation. I believe that literacy can be applied to everyday life while some from across the world may feel differently due to their culture, education, and background.
An athlete’s ability to play the game of soccer requires a substantial amount of skill within the sport. Staying physically in shape by having the stamina to withstand the full ninety minutes, plays a key role to scoring a goal. I have been playing competitive soccer for fourteen years and have handled numerous amounts of stressors each game brought. The high…

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