Essay about The Myth Of Pit Bulls

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Can you imagine life without having pets or not having a companion with you to make you feel better when you 're upset or sick? Imagine if you raised a dog since birth and took care of it as if it was your own child and one day animal control just takes them away because of the type of breed they are.
For years there has been a stereotype on pit bulls,stories about them attacking people,and even now there are many myths about them that are not true. For example, according to the article “ Pit bulls Myths” it mentions one of the many myths such as “pit bulls don 't feel pain” and it states that “ Pit Bulls have the same nervous system of any other breed, and they can and do feel pain.” This shows that there is a lot of data that is incorrect and in most cases they started out as rumors from the past and have still been sticking around till this very day.Dogs are man 's best friend and even make families and individuals very happy and provides them a sense joy and love.
Pitbulls are very loyal dogs their good with children, they love humans, and are even used as service dogs to help those with disabilities and the media doesn 't portray this part about pit bulls. What the media targets are only things that would come to a shock or surprise to the society and the problem with this is that the media is not always correct about they say because they focus on one side of the story and what they see, what they leave out is cause of the situation or the background of it. For…

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