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  • Persuasive Speech On Pitbulls

    Pitbulls are very loyal dogs their good with children, they love humans, and are even used as service dogs to help those with disabilities and the media doesn 't portray this part about pit bulls. What the media targets are only things that would come to a shock or surprise to the society and the problem with this is that the media is not always correct about they say because they focus on one side of the story and what they see, what they leave out is cause of the situation or the background of it. For example, according to the article “ The Pit bull Placebo” “ In the 1970s the practice of dog fighting was becoming more aware to the public and in 1976 a californian boy was killed by a dog that was described to be a Bulldog, Bull terrier,…

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  • Should People Be Allowed To Keep Pitbull As Pets Essay

    Some people blame the dog for being mean, but other people like groups and gangs that support pit bulls and take action, believe it's the owner’s doings. If pit bulls were banned and eventually died off or euthanized, humans who wanted a fighting dog that looked mean and will do everything that their human asks. Humans would just choose another dog that fits a pit bull’s profile. Research has been done and checked and they believe that if pit bulls are banned, german shepherds would be the next…

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  • Pitbull Terrier

    In the past, The Pitbull Terrier was bred to be a companion and family dog. In present day, the Pitbull Terrier is oftentimes referred to as the “demon dog” because of misconceptions and bad press. Stories have dominated the news and social media of killer dogs with little being said in their defense. The Pitbull Terrier breed is undeniably at stake and the prejudice seen against this breed is seen more and more as time goes on. The dominant conversation of the Pitbull Terrier involves the…

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  • Discrimination On Pitbulls

    Shepherds followed by the Dobermans and Rottweilers and finally the Pit Bulls. Breed-Specific Legislation is a statute or regulation that is directed towards one or more specific breed of dogs. The majority of BSL is focused on breeds traditionally known as “dangerous” or those that have demonstrated particular propensities for aggression and violent behavior. Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL) is the blanket term for laws that ban certain dog breeds in an effort to decrease dog attacks on…

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  • Pitbulls

    Bullying the Pit Bull breed is redundant, refutable, and entirely wrong. The issue at hand is not the breed itself, but rather our society. Pit Bulls are classified as working dogs; however, they’ve historically been raised by their owners to be aggressive, fighting dogs. This supports the concept that Pit Bulls, just like humans, are products of their environment and their upbringing. If a dog, regardless of the breed, is brought up in a neglectful, violent environment by an inattentive owner,…

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  • Pitbull Stereotypes

    understand this. For those who don’t, I will try and explain this to you. For starters, some cities in America have bans preventing pit bulls to live in homes. BSL or breed specific legislation are laws that are set on animals, more specifically certain breeds. According to banpitbulls.org in more than 937 cities in America there BSL laws on pitpulls. These affect many different things. Two things it can affect are insurance and where you can live. For example some insurance companies…

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  • Informative Essay On Pitbull

    best friends and I hope everyone would feel safe being around them. But I haven’t told you the “scary” part yet these dogs are Pitbulls yes the “scary” breed of dogs that most people hate. Here's a little background information of what a Pitbull actually is not one specific breed even though that’s what many think it is actually a group of breeds such as the American Pit Bull Terrier and other similar looking dogs. Pitbulls are often seen as very aggressive and vicious dogs. But that's the not…

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  • Pitbull Speech

    Uno! Dos! Tres! Dale! Mention the words “Pit Bull,” and an intense debate will almost inevitably follow. There are numbers of myths about pitbulls which people actually believes. These myths and stereotypes are not based on scientific evidence or facts but are instead based on a lack of knowledge about the breeds (or dogs in general), fear of the unknown, or deliberate bias and misinformation. Myths that are all bark and no bite. — Pit bulls have locking jaws — Pit bulls are known for their wide…

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  • Pitbull Persuasive Speech

    Pitbulls are a kind of dog breed which most were raised to fight and hunt for humans. There have been many Pit Bull attacks across the world and there are reasons why they attack. Some attacks which has occurred, the pit bull attacked the person for no reason. But, the other attacks have been just the person's fault. It also could be the owner’s fault if he/she wanted the dog to attack the victim. It isn’t just pit bulls, but they have attacked MANY people. Some dogs have faced a terrible…

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  • Research Paper On Pitbulls

    There are some people who claims that pitbulls are a vicious breed; however, I would like to say that pitbulls are not a vicious breed. And here are the few reasons why I think pitbulls are not a vicious breed. Some people would agree that pitbulls are nice and caring because it is all on how you raise them. You cannot expect to treat a dog like it is piece of trash, and expect the pitbull to behave and follow orders. That is like yelling at a toddler to stop crying, do you think they are…

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