Essay on The Music Industry

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I have been analyzing your business in the music industry for several years, and I have found that your strategies have proved incredibly successful. You have released albums that have generate a massive amount of sales, you have had outstanding worldwide tours, and you have established Parkwood entertainment. However, I have noticed opportunities for you to expand your image and obtain even more success.
You are currently thriving due to your incredibly influential image. People refer to you as “Queen Bey” and you are a role model for many people, especially young women. Your status as a strong figure of female empowerment is essential to your image. Some of your most successful songs have focused on this image, so I see this as a significant strength to take note of. You also have released albums in untraditional and risky manners, but they have proved successful so far. A major threat to recognize is that as more people start to download music online instead of buying physical copies, you must release your albums in ways to maximize digital and physical album sales.
A major opportunity is for you to release a new album that is incredibly relevant to your audience and is seen as a unique breakthrough in our society. Therefore, I recommend that you release a new album centrally focused on female empowerment. This will be an incredible way to gain positive media attention, have a visible impact on your fans, and generate a massive amount of sales.
II. Goal: My strategy…

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