The Museum Of Contemporary Art Essay

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The Museum of Contemporary Art is a contemporary art museum in Cleveland Ohio on Euclid Avenue. It was founded in 1968 by Nina Castelli Sundell and Marjorie Talalay, who started the small for-profit gallery in a former dry-cleaning store on Euclid Ave. The gallery has moved several times since then, before finally finding its way back to a location near its original one on Euclid Ave in 2012. The new building is a thirty four thousand square foot, four story tall building made of black stainless steel. The building was designed by Farshid Moussavi an Iranian architect based in London. MOCA was her first art museum building and her first building in America. The museum is known for its short term collections and for displaying items that are not traditional art, allowing the museum to challenge the visitor’s perceptions of what art exactly is. The building is designed in a very non-traditional way, and being on a campus like Case Western’s, it easily stands out against the more gothic buildings such as the Church of the Covenant. The building does have its similarities to another modern building on campus however, the Peter B Lewis Business School. Both buildings clearly make use of modern architecture but in different ways. The business school focuses more on an arched design, and does not have many sharp defined edges. The school is similar to the result you may get when balling up a piece of tin foil. MOCA, however, is shaped somewhat like an off-centered box, it has four…

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