Essay about The Museum Of Contemporary Art Cleveland

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From Euclid Avenue to the east, visitors will enjoy the various buildings in Cleveland. From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to the Tower City, to the University Circle, where there are many of amazing museums. No matter the famous Cleveland museum of art or Natural History Museum. The Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, is undoubtedly a unique one. During the day, pedestrians and passersby see themselves reflected in the surface. As dusk sets in the building 's interior reveals itself and guests get clear views into the building. Glass windows cut diagonally across several facets of the building following the building 's geometry and creating banner like views into all four floors.
The Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland located at Euclid Avenue in Mayfield Road in Cleveland 's University Circle, open to the public on October 8th 2012. The building project took approximately seven years to complete from site selection to opening day. It is the first permanent home for the organization founded in 1968 as the new gallery. The building is designed by Farshid Mousavi and has the area of the 34000 square foot(PR Newswire, 2012). It has a hexagonal base and a square top, producing facades shaped either like triangles or trapezoid. They tilt in or out reflecting the surrounding streets and sidewalks or the sky depending on the angle. The exterior of Cleveland 's building is among its most significant and memorable features. The effect as architect Farshid Mousavi states…

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