Essay on The Murder Of The Williams Gang

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is that of a gang called the Williams Gang that have been creating havoc in this town. The killed Roy during a bank robbery and word is that they are on their way back to the town to finish up their work."
"How good are these men?"
"They are exceptionally good and ruthless. They have no issues killing anyone that get in their way. I am working with one of the Marshals, but the issue is me and him have had our past and he might not be too willing to assist me in this case. so in short, we need to assume that we have no help and that we are on our own to deal with this issue. So I assume that you are as good of a shot as you cliamed you are."
"I am a great shot, I can shoot the wings off a fly at 150 yards."
"Sounds great, why don 't you head over to my house this evening and have some dinner. it is the least I can do in hiring a stranger that was here to get a drink to go after a savage gang of bank robbers."
"Really Sheriff, you don 't have to do that."
"I 't not a problem. I would love to have you over and get to know a little more about the man I have trusted with my life."
"If you are sure then I would like to come over for dinner. Do I need to bring anything other than myself?"
"Nope just be on time is all I ask for."
A few hours later Jack rode up to the house that Zach lived in. it looked like a woman had at one time taken care of the house as it was not what he was expecting. Jack walked up to the door and gave it a hard knock.
"Damn son, either you think I…

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