Essay on The Murder Of Sexual Assault Pay

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During our lives we are raised to respect one another, to understand the basic rules of consent and to realize that if a woman is unconscious that you do not initiate sexual activity. Our justice system is supposed to keep us safe and to punish those who break the law. Making perpetrators of sexual assault pay for their actions with a prison sentence teaches them and the rest of society that when someone says no or is not in a position to say no, it means no and you may not have sexual relations with them. By examining the Brock Turner case, it will become clear that his sentence was much too light for the crimes he was convicted of. In January of 2015, a twenty-two-year-old girl went to a party at Stanford; she became intoxicated many times over the legal limit. After the party, she was sexually assaulted by a 19-year-old Stanford student while she was unconscious behind a dumpster. Two students riding their bikes by saw Turner who then fled the scene. He was chased and held down by the two students until police arrived and he could be detained; the young woman was sent to the hospital. Turner was originally charged with three charges of sexual assault and two charges of rape, but after it became clear that he never penetrated the victim with his penis, the charges of rape were dropped. Turner claimed that he was not in control and therefore could not be deemed responsible for his actions due to his alcohol consumption. The victim took the stand and bravely spoke about…

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