Persuasive Essay On Rape

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Register to read the introduction… If the victim is telling a lie, then the charged rapist may pay the price of a crime he did not do. If a victim is telling the truth and the police just can’t put the puzzle together, then the rapist is still out on the streets. Rape is something that no one should take lightly. “Rape can have profound and long-lasting psychological effects on victims. Survivors may feel intense shame, fear, and rage (Rape).” Losing the part of you that you treasure most can be very traumatic and such a thing may never be forgotten. The life of a rape victim will forever be different, some break and some become a stronger person. There are many famous people who become very successful even after such a traumatizing experience. For example, “Winfrey has spoken of being sexually abused as a child, and stated publicly that she'll never have children of her own. She testified before Congress in support of "The Oprah Bill", establishing a national database of convicted child abusers (Oprah Winfrey).” This tells us that even though Oprah became stronger as a person, she was also affected by the incident by not wanting children of her own. Some victims become permanently damaged and suicidal. A victim could suffer from STDs, blaming themselves, getting pregnant from the incident, become suicidal, and even be afraid of the opposite sex (Effects and Aftermath of Rape). Common physical injuries received by rape victims include: vaginal bleeding or infection, fibroids, decreased sexual desire, genital irritation, and pain during intercourse, chronic pelvic pain, and urinary infections (Effects and Aftermath of Rape). All types of rape lead to the same outcome, which the victims fear in something if not everything. Clearly what angers the rape lobby (and the rest of us) is that a lot of men get away with rape, either because women can’t or don’t report it, or because the courts can’t or don’t prove it. It is also true …show more content…
It is also a shame how they plant fear and hatred in the hearts of their victims. If only the world was built with pillars of love and happiness, then everyone will know the meaning of true goodness. Instead, our free will to do what we want allows these evil things to torture the hearts of their victims, and the laws made today make it somehow more frightening. In this world, the victims are guilty until proven innocent and the doers are innocent until proven guilty.

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