The Movie ' Jaws ' Essay

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The movie Jaws is a classic film that follows the typical film structure. When looking at the precise lay out of the film, it fits in with the Blake Snyder Beat’s. The reason the Blake Snyder model is effective, is due to how many beats it has. Fifteen beats makes it easy, along with extreme accuracy of the lay out of the film. When the film starts off, the Opening Image gives the viewer a preview of what the movie is going to be about. The foreshadowing in the movie Jaws occurred when the woman went for a swim, however, she dies. We do not know the cause of death, the viewer can assume that it is a shark attack by the movies description. This shark, Jaws, is the problem for the main character, leading to the rest of the movies action. The Set up gives the audience the background on the main character. Martin provides us with the evidence of his past when he talks to his wife. The information we got, was that he was from NY, and this is his first summer on the job. What is sounds like Martins wife doesn’t like it here from the sound of the conversation, along with when Martin tells her to go home and she replies “In New York?”. The Theme Stated occurred when they know it was a shark that has attacked the two victims, what they don’t understand is that they are not dealing with an ordinary shark. This is exactly what the Blake model says, they don’t understand the truth until they have some experience. Martin gets the experience when he see the shark attack his son, then he…

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