The Movie ' Feed ' Essay

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In the movie “FEED” the killer that is portrayed can arguably be considered a serial killer or a spree killer. There are different characteristics of a serial killer and a spree killer that must be examined to explain how the murderer can dangle between the line of both types of killer. A serial killer is defined as being an individual that kills at least three people or possibly more over the course of a month. During this time the killer must also have some time between the killings. There are four different types of serial killers with different motives, methods of killing, and behavioral patterns. These four types are called hedonistic, control, visionary, and mission killers. In the movie “FEED” the killer could be portrayed as a control and mission serial killer. This is because the killer has a waiting period between the murders. This is known, for there is a cooling period that must have gone by as the killer fed the women to the specified weight he wanted and the gambling of how long it would take the women to die suggest that it was more than a few days. It is also known that the killer feed the women to death because he found these women to be undesirable such as a mission killer but also has a sense of control over these women as he made them beg for food like that of a control killer. However, as stated before it can also be argued that the killer is not a serial killer but a spree killer. A spree killer is defined as being an individual that kills at least…

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