Essay On Serial Killers

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Serial Killer Profiling: Born or Made
Serial Killers are often classified with mental disabilities. Although their actions are commonly associated with mental disorders, serial killers have their own classification. Their appalling path of logic impels their murderous habits. Therefore, their brutal actions are not considered a diagnosis. It has been proven that serial killers are copiously cognizant of their actions. Not all mentally unstable people are capable of committing such crimes. There are three main categories of serial killers. First there are the organized serial killers. Then, there are the disorganized serial killers. Lastly, there are the medical killers by whom are often referred to as the Angels of Mercy. The Bureau
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Their I.Q. is typically lower than average. They are psychotic with non-existent social skills. By them being socially out cast, they do not make attempts to fit into the social norm. Their targets can range from family, to friends or neighbors. It is not uncommon for disorganized killers be disheveled. They are not motivated to shave or shower for days at a time (Compulsion to kill, n.d.). The killer usually acts upon fits of fury. It can be triggered by drugs, alcohol, anger or passion. The attacks are typically quick and done without concise planning. Crime scenes are left messy and the body is left to be discovered. The victims are chosen at random. Bad timing for the victims is usually the reason behind their demise (Compulsion to kill, n.d.). Taking the lives of people “close” to them reduces the chances of them being captured. Serial killers can be both dangerous and …show more content…
They have a need to be in the spotlight as they try to "save" those whose life they have endangered. The Angels of mercy also have the belief that they know “best”. They feel as if they possess a superior knowledge of knowing when the quality of a person 's life is gone and they would be better off dead (Monatldo, 2014). Medical killers are usually smarter than average and vigilant with how the murders are carried. The motive for killings can range from money promises to personal pleasure. Medical killers are often doctors, night nurses, CNA’s, even home healthcare nurses. Very few doctors have been successful with mass killings without suspicion. Jane Toppan is an infamous murderess who was known for poisoning more than 100 people. This took place in the year 1901. When she was then convicted and sent to an insane hospital. Toppan lost her mother at a young age. Her father then lost his mind and was admitted into a hospital. Jane was to be sent into foster care. Later in her life, she admitted to poisoning her foster sister. While in college for nursing, she became obsessed with autopsies. She perfected her performance skills. While treating her patients, a man’s family was poisoned and killed within six weeks of each other. This grew suspicion and caused an investigation. She pleaded guilty and confessed to only 31 murders

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