The Most Important Recovery Strategy A Nurse Essay

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The most important recovery strategy a nurse can provide to a psychosis patient such as ben, is making a nursing care plan; without a NCP risks could be existing, discharge planning for bens future would not be foreseen, and a thorough evaluation of bens condition would not be present, meaning areas in which ben needs implementations would be missed and the outcome is less positive than that with a care plan. One area in which NCPs might be useful is in the assessment of clinical risk factors such as risk of self harm or dangerous behavior, and for setting in place supervision procedures aimed at reducing the occurrence of such behaviors, statistical predictors of suicide in psychiatric patients are well described (Neilson 2006). Bens psychotic condition would be a very different situation than others who are also experiencing drug induced psychosis, with different side effects, coping mechanism and effects; this is why care planning is vital in assessing bens unique condition and can be implemented for his specific needs, not needs that others with the same condition would have. We need to be able to obtain detailed information about ben (social, biological, environmental, risk factors) that could effect his condition; bring forward his condition, and could effect his recovery in the hospital setting. However, nursing care planning is often brushed off and only quickly evaluated and completed when a patient is in a mental health setting as most nurses claim to not have…

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