The Most Important Key Member Of My Family Essays

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For the family interview, I decided to interview my mother who I find to be the most important key member of my family. I have spent the most time with her throughout my life and feel the most comfortable around her, so she was the best person to interview. While I was born here in the United States, my mom was born and raised in El Salvador so majority of her answers to the questions I asked had to do with her life there. Her first memory was of her first day of kindergarten, when she was around four years old. She remembers feeling small and just watching all the other students play as she kept to herself. School is a very important theme that arose during the interview. Her first day of kindergarten marked the beginning of a journey of schools she was going to attend. After completing kindergarten in the school she was in, she had to move to another town and subsequently attend another school. My mom lived in seven different towns and attended seven different schools. The towns were all in El Salvador but in distinctive departments, with some being far away from each other. As a result of moving so much, she gave up on trying to make friends who she could play with and spend time with. She would just watch others since she knew she would eventually have to move. After having to attend completely different schools, my mom was not allowed to attend school anymore after she completed the ninth grade. This brought up another key theme, which pertained to her jobs. Her…

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