Essay about The Most Challenging Jobs For A Younger Me

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Forming my own opinions was one of the most challenging jobs for a younger me. I figured it would be easier on me of I just listened to other people’s judgments and based my life off of them. I watched the same shows as the kids whose rulings mattered, I listened to the same music as all the prominent kids, I even judged people I had never met before based on the assumptions of other people. I now hate shows that require audience participation even though they cannot hear or see you, but because most people watched Dora the Explorer and Barney and Friends, I did too and regretted every second of it. Music used to bore me because of how simple and repetitive it was. I did not even have any real friends because of how boring and basic I was. My life was one tragic decision after another and none of them were mine. I missed out on experiencing life on my own because I let other people decide for me.
Eating healthy was also always arduous for me as a child and television shows did not help my view on foods like vegetables. My reasoning was that because kids on TV acted like vegetables were their mortal enemy, vegetables must taste bad and give their victims incurable diseases. I refused to become a casualty of the dreaded food group. Sadly, vegetables were not the only food that I had trouble consuming. Proper nutrients did not find their way into my growing system; my doctor and parents were worried about my health and had to find a swift and simple alternative if I was going…

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