The Morality Of Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment
2,943 prisoners are currently on death row. Of those, only 60 are in a federal prison for infamous acts of murder. Capital punishment, or more commonly known as the death penalty/sentence, is a government type of punishment for committing capital crimes. Currently, the number of people on death row is high and is continuing to rise. Attorneys state that capital punishment is not justified for humans, even though it is. Capital punishment is a better choice than receiving a life sentence in prison.
Although the death penalty can be looked at as a gruesome act, it’s simply an experiment that has been proven successful. While those opposed might say that it’s an experiment that never should’ve happened, that is not so. The
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While some look at it being murder and taking a life away, but this is just a person being punished for doing bad things. When they were children, the were punished for little things as children. An example would be if they stole a cookie, they had to give it back. If a kid was picked on, a sorry would be given. Giving up their play time because they were not home at a certain time. If that child was bad, something was given or given up in return. That is a forever responsibility that is stuck with them from the moment they could understand almost anything. At first the probably didn’t see the point, but then as they grew to understand more and more, it comprehended to them. They were liable enough to make their own decisions and choice. Should they choose to become a murderer or terrorist, society can do no more than stop it and punish them. They can either accept what they have done and face punishment, or spend their days in pity. Death, by contrast, offers either hope or oblivion both preferable to a living hell. Death is a penalty for committing a murder, which falls under the Code of Hammurabi 's “eye for an eye (O’Sullivan).” Since states are not wanting to see people suffer, less states are using the death …show more content…
Those who oppose will argue with saying how executions harm those being executed. “Torture is defined as an act where pain and suffering is inflicted upon a person, whether it be mental or physical (White Paper).” So unless that person is being harmed on purpose and is suffering, they are not being tortured. While there have been some cases where criminals like Thomas Knight are being harmed and are in pain, that rarely happens. Capital Punishment should not have pain and suffering coming from their executions, even though sometimes it accidentally happens. Even though there are good sides to capital punishment, it can also have a

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