The Monkey's Paw Short Story Summary

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Freeman Fields
Honors English 11/ Third Period
08 January 2018
Part 1: Plot Summary “The Monkey’s Paw” is a short story written by W. W. Jacobs that centers around a family’s encounter with the supernatural as well as fate. On a certain dreary night, a family is attempting to warm up by a fire. This family includes an elderly couple and their adult child. While the family socializes amongst one another, footsteps are heard outside the house and in front of the door. The old man answers and at the door is an old friend, Sergeant-Major Morris. the soldier tells the family of his experiences in “distant parts” as the family listens in awe. The old man reminds the soldier of a story about a monkey’s paw but the soldier hesitates
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the soldier attempts to destroy the paw, but the old man takes it and asks the soldier how to use it. The soldier advises the old man to destroy it but ultimately teaches him how to use the paw. The soldier gives yet another warning to the old man before changing the subject to stories of India and then leaving. The son asks the old man if he paid the soldier for the paw, which is the case. While buying the paw, the soldier warns the old man one last time. When the old man begins to think about his first wish, he claims that he has everything that he wants. His mind is changed, however, when his son reminds him about the house loan that needs to be paid off. With this revelation, the old man wishes for two hundred pounds, enough to pay off the house. However, the old man screams and his family runs to see what has happened. The old man tells them that the paw moved in his hand, but his family does not believe him. They also notice that the money is nowhere to be found. The old couple decide to go to bed and the son hallucinates, seeing faces in the fire; one of which is the face of a monkey. The old woman …show more content…
The couple is in shock, but the man explains that the workplace does not take responsibility for their son’s death. However, they are paid two hundred pounds for their loss. At this piece of information, the old woman screams and the old man falls to the floor. Days after their son’s death, the old couple is finding it hard to cope with their loss. One night, the old woman realizes that her husband can wish for their son to be alive again. She begins to slip into insanity as she frantically searches for the monkey’s paw. The old man does not want to wish because he thinks the first wish was a coincidence. As his wife begs for him to wish their son alive, he complies and uses his second wish. He immediately regrets the wish, but his wife eagerly waits for her son. As he heads to bed, shortly after follows his wife and they lie quietly. The silence is broken when knocks echo throughout the house. The old man tries to lie by saying it was just a rat, but his wife sees through his reuse and runs downstairs. He does not want her to open the door, but she has the complete opposite on her

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