Themes In The Orphan Boy And The Elk Dogs

"The Orphan Boy and The Elk Dogs" is a Native American myth about a young boy who transforms into a brave man throughout a course of events. Despite the boy being deaf and only having his sister to love him, the narrator continuously maintains a positive and hopeful tone. Saying things such as, "And so they took away the only person who cared for him, and the orphan boy was left to fend for himself", which gives a optimistic tone for what will happen next to the boy. This tone remains throughout the story which gives the reader hope for the boy.

Although he has a name, no one respects him enough to call him by it. His name is Long Arrow, which was given to him by his parents before they died. That 's why him and his sister are now orphans
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No body else but Good Running knows the boy is going. People in the village take notice of his loss of presence, but they do not know why he 's gone. Long Arrow began his journey southward, like his grandfather had advised him to.

Eventually, on his fourth day of traveling Long Arrow comes to a small pond with a man. When he asked the man about the Elk Dog, the man tells him, "Ah there I cannot help you," "But if you travel further south, four-times-four days, you might change upon a bigger lake and there meet one of my uncles. Possibly, he might talk to you; then again, he might not. That 's all I can tell you."

So, Long Arrow carried along. Four-times-four days. The boy finally approached the bigger lake, where he saw the next spirit man. This spirit man was tall and fierce, but Long Arrow was not scared. The man respected his boldness & told him to walk south four-times-four days to meet the spirits grandfather. This event obviously shows Long Arrows braveness and luckiness. He is brave for no being scared of the menacing spirit, & he is lucky because the spirit had spoke to
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He sees the Elk Dogs for the first time in his life, he notices their beauty and gracefulness. The boy teaches him to ride the Elk Dogs. Long Arrow experiences a new type of happiness when he first hops onto one. Once Long Arrows lesson was finished, the boy tells him that he must catch a glimpse of his grandfathers feet and ask for three things. The three things he tells him to ask for are: his rainbow-colored quilled belt, his black medicine robe, and a herd of the Elk Dogs.

So, Long Arrow listens to this boy and eventually catches a look at the grandfathers feet when his medicine robe got caught on the entrance flap of a tipi. Long Arrow is very surprised when he sees the mans horse legs. But, he still boldly asks for the three items the boy told him to ask for. The old man gives him all the gifts, but instead gives him half the Elk Dog herd & not the whole herd.

In addition to those gifts, the old man also gives him a long rope woven from the hair of a white buffalo bull which will help him catch whichever Elk Dog he wants. With that, the man tells him he must leave and not look back and the Elk Dogs will come up to him on his left side on the fourth day. And as the old man said, the Elk Dogs did come. Long Arrow decided to catch one to ride and one to carry his

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