W. Jacobs 'Monkey's Paw'

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In the story “Monkey’s Paw” by W. W. Jacobs there is a character named Sergeant Major Morris. This character’s way of describing the paw shows that he believes in the paw, and he is scared of it. The author showed the Sergeant Major Morris was scared of the paw by the way he spoke when he was giving the paw away to the Whites family. He didn’t want to be there for the wishes, and he “warned them”.
The story is about a magical paw that grants three wishes per family. The paw takes wishes very literal, and isn’t specific about how you are going to get the wish. The first wish the Whites family asks if for 200 pounds. Later, their son got killed and receives 200 pounds for his death. Of course, they thought it was a coincidence. Their second with was from Mrs. White, she wished for her son back. There was a knock on the door, and Mr. White was scared that his son was coming back from the dead and wished him away again. Technically, there is no proof the
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He knew there’d be bad consequences and he didn’t want to be blamed for them. “If you’re smart you will throw it back in the fire.” (Paragraph 57). Mr. Morris was scared that something would happen to the Whites family… He showed it by his words. Since Mr. White didn’t want to throw it back into the fire, Morris wanted to leave as soon as he possibly could. If he wasn’t so scared of the paw and what would happen, he probably would’ve stayed to make sure Mr. White didn’t wish for anything that could’ve hurt them as a family.
As you can see, the character Sergeant Major Morris W. W. Jacobs created in the story “Monkey’s paw”, shows that he believes in the paws magic and is scared of it. By the way he talks, and his actions, you can tell he doesn’t want the paw or to be around the paw while it’s being used. He wants it gone forever. By warning the Whites family and leaving before they used it, the character is scared of the paw and believes in it’s

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