The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Essay

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Book review: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
This inspiring fable gives an approach to living with greater courage, balance, abundance and joy. The Monk who sold his Ferrari tells the story of Julian Mantle, a highly advantageous lawyer who has it all; fancy house, private jet, Private Island and every other thing he wanted. He subside of a heart attack and hardly survives where the doctor had to ask him to take a decision between his law profession and his life. Julian was forced to affront spiritual crisis of his out of balance life on an odyssey to an ancient culture, where he ascertained powerful, wise, and practical lessons that teaches us to: develop joyful thoughts, follow our life mission and calling, cultivate self-discipline, act courageously, value time as our most critical asset, nourish our relationship and finally love fully as each day pass. This book taught me that living in the moment is a true life lived. It made me realize that life doesn’t necessarily don’t have to be perfect but to be extraordinary and amusing.
The Monk who sold his Ferrari is a fable about fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny. It is a books that gives your life a thought pattern, your goal, your dream, and how your daily dependence helps you reach those vision. . It’s a book to remind you of what it was like to be a child filled with limitless potential and astonishment. This book can be called a life changing novel, it add attribute to your life and…

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