The Modernisation Of The New Labour Government Essay

1530 Words Nov 15th, 2015 null Page
The modernisation agenda that was initiated in public policy by the New Labour government in 1977 gave powerful impetus to concepts of earlier governments of collaboration and partnership working, at this time there was said to be wall-like divisions between professions and agencies that obstructed cooperation (Sloper, 2004). However, today when looking at social work collaboration these walls seem to have been brought down as recent statistics show that most commonly, child protection referrals made to social services are received from multiple agencies with 26.4% from the police, 15.4% from schools and 14.9% from health services (Department for Education, 2015), these statistics also show that the collaboration between schools and social work may also be improving as in the previous year 13.1% of referrals came from schools, and therefore there has been an increase of 1.8% and also in 2015 more referrals were made from schools than health services (Department for Education, 2014). Although a change is indicated, the source of referrals to social services was only collected for the first time in 2014 and new data items can take a couple of years to bed in, meaning that caution should be taken when comparing the current 2015 results with the 2014 ones.

Although the police, schools and health services are shown to be the main sources of referrals to help safeguard children, other agencies are also involved in working with social workers to ensure effective working to keep…

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