Mixed Scanning Decision-Making Framework

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The mixed scanning decision making framework was chosen for guiding the development of this policy. The mixed scanning framework provided the opportunity to isolate the necessary information thru filters that would allow for different views; narrow in scope for fundamental alternatives, but broad for incremental decisions. Because the information-gathering for this issue would uncover abundant information when searching for a particular scenario - but also reveal the need for more unique information due to the possibility of multiple variables, the inclusion of strategies from both the rational and the incremental approach allow for different views. The fundamental decision was prompted by the challenge of finding a way to incorporate classroom observation opportunities among building staff in order to develop relationships and an environment that would support instructional growth thru observation, conversation, mentoring and reflection. The incremental decisions were the considerations that were considered regarding staff workload, personal reactions and school organizational procedures. In an effort to create a professional learning …show more content…
The initial search was conducted using “teacher planning period” as the key term(s). This effort revealed no resulting matches in the aforementioned document. In an effort to remain true to the decision making process by allocating time and control an overload of details, the same search term was utilized within the AdvancED (Alabama State Department of Education, 2016) accreditation document with no matches. A further general search using Google revealed multiple articles with matches for the key search term “teacher planning period”. The most abundant Internet hits were informational resources dealing with the State of Texas and the State of North Carolina; both of which specifically require teacher planning

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