Essay on The Mirror At The Actual Physical Presentation Of Myself

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Looking in the mirror at the actual physical presentation of myself, I investigate what other people interpret the view as. My hair is pulled up and tight, various people have suspected military, but I have never been enlisted. though I do enjoy being organized and prepared. My glasses and crooked teeth would suggest that my parents were low income, no corrective surgery or braces for me. My body image would be identified, instantly by women, as having children and I do have two sons. After one eight pound boy and the other almost ten pound baby my body did not return to its original dimensions, there was no weight trainer or nutritionist for me. Being a mother was one of my biggest dreams and fears. I wanted to have children, a piece of me to share with the world even after I no longer exist. I feared motherhood, in that conundrum of not wanting to become my own mother or damage my children because I would become her. My calloused hands will tell anyone that I am a blue collar worker, something that I pride myself on. Hard work and a day’s wage is something that made my grandfather proud, and so does the same with myself. The ring on my left tells everyone that I am married, I wanted to find love as does everyone, and was grateful to find my true love.
Progressing through school and beyond was my way out of the shell that society has created me in, it will be my golden door to freedom. The first step of this process was towards ensuring that my children have a…

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