Essay on The Millennium Development Goals And The United Nations

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The Millennium Development goals were created by the United Nations in order to combat the world’s greatest problems. These goals were established at the start of the century during September 2000, the 8 total MDG’s were to be completed within 15 years. Nevertheless in 2015, there are a lot of unfinished goals that need more progress. One of the most significant Millennium Development Goals is primary education for all children worldwide. Today, there remain 57 million out-of-school children and 130 million children who cannot read or write at a basic level; therefore there are a lot of improvements to be made. This goal is not actually far from attaining; the cost of worldwide primary education is only $10 Billion per year, which is as much as Americans spend yearly on ice cream. So, is it possible to achieve universal primary education by 2030? Of course, total primary education is achievable worldwide through public support and funding of fundamental organizations like UNICEF “Education for All” campaign, Village Bicycle Project and United Nation’s “World Food Programme.”
UNICEF “Education for All” campaign is one of the largest organizations that promote worldwide youth education. UNICEF does this through financially supporting students, creating gender equal access to school and a safe school environment. Through charitable functions and financial contributions from the public, UNICEF was able to launch of Schools for Africa on 6 December 2004. Up to 2014, over 21…

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