The Mexican American Border History Essay

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Transnationalism is a broad topic which covers distinctive areas such as: political, economic, and cultural exchanges. As bordering countries, the United States and Mexico have comprehensive history of transnationalism. From economic policies, such as the Bracero Program to political policies such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). But, what both economic and political policies share is the overwhelming influence that the United States had when determining these policies. Cultural exchanges happen on a micro level and manifest through music, movies, theater, news, and other forms of entertainment. Transnational cinema focuses on the films created by Mexican directors and the movie’s journey across political boarders. These films have transcended the idea of a border but it raises the question, how have the films been interpreted? Although, the adaptation of films in American culture has expanded Mexico’s cultural influence. These interpretations have constructed an ideology of Mexico and its people which has fostered institutionalized campaigns against undocumented emigration and have created an anti-immigration sentiment. The Mexican-American border history begins during the late 19th century. President Porfirio Diaz, economic policies constructed large economic centers near the border. These centers increased investment and international trade between the United States and Mexico. These international trade policies largely benefited the elite Mexican…

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