The Medicine Bag Analysis

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Borrowed from: Mrs. Fraley’s Language Arts Page
Name: Eric
Comparing Symbols
A symbol is a person, place, or thing that represen ts something beyond its literal meaning. For examp le, doves usually symbolize peace. To add depth and insight to their literary works, authors can use these stra tegies: •
Use existing symbols with commonly understood meaning ngs. •
Create their own symbols and develop the symbol’s m earnings through descriptions, actions, and events o f a story. For many stories, understanding the symbolism helps you understand the main message, or theme. “The
Umbrella” and “The Medicine Bag” both use symbols t o illustrate the recurring theme of how it feels to be caught between two worlds. To discover what symbols mean
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Because he thought that he won't live up to the stories he told about him
Borrowed from: Mrs. Fraley’s Language Arts Page

Why does Grandpa resist being fed by Mom?
Pride and refused to give up independence

What is the symbolic importance of Grandpa’s visit?
It shows how the perception of one can differ amongst different people. The main character felt ashamed of hi grandpa while the other kids thought he was cool

How does Martin’s reluctance to accept the medicine bag show he is caught between two worlds?
It shows how it enjoyed listening of stories about his heritage but he didn't want to bring it into his life. His grandpa said he didn't expect him to wear as the current world his was living in wouldn't understand. The main character who felt honored by the back didn't want to wear it because he thought his friend would make fun of him.

From the description, do you think Martin’s dream s symbolizes something pleasant or distressing?
I think the dream symbolizes something distressing as he said that he had little sleep with the dream and the lighting is often associated with tension and tess
Why is Grandpa telling Martin this family

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