The Medical Field Essay

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As a Physician raises his hand and fully recites the Hippocratic Oath, one of the oldest contractual documents in the history of mankind, this individual swears to “ remember that they remain a member of society, with special obligations to all their fellow[human beings], those sound of mind and body, as well as the infirm” (Holmboe & Bernabeo, 2014). Somewhere along the way, from taking that oath, to practicing in their professional field, doctors are losing the trust of a fraction of their patients. The mistrust of the medical field, happens to be one of the facets of organ donation many confess when confronted with the decision to donate or not. Potential organ donors express fears which leads to the mistrust of the organ procurement medical society. The mistrust that is present leads to a low number of individuals becoming organ donors as well as families unwilling to donate organs of a deceased family member. The unwillingness to become an organ donor contributes to a low supply of organs needed for transplant. One thing leads to another, and individuals that are in desperate need of a lifesaving organ are being forced to seek organs through the black market. The final result of these chain of events is placing trust in an illegal system that is noted for their exploitation of donors and recipients. A major contribution to the mistrust of medical field are the fears that many potential donors have expressed, such as, “If I agree to donate my organs, the hospital staff…

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