Essay on The Media 's Objectification Of Women

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The responsibility of objectification in women is geared towards the media. Objectification has been a big part of history, however it has been more prevalent in today 's society because of the development of the media. Now that there are aspects in society that even hone objectification, such as mass media, it is solely the media 's fault that women are constantly objectified. Women are expressed objectively through the media in three ways. They are objectified in the media through magazines. Women are developed as objects through the internet. As well as women are victimized through advertisements. All these subtopics relate to the bigger picture, of which would be the mass media. The mass media plays a key role in the objectification of women and through these different topics relates to how women view themselves. Therefore, It is the media that should take responsibility for the continued objectification of women.

Firstly, The media is the cause of objectification and is shown through magazines. Magazines have a number of advertisements that objectify women. Such articles are distributed around the world with obscene images of women scarcely dressed and showing more than just a little skin. It is very degrading to women and it is prominent that when females are put on the pedestal in magazines, “men are portrayed in national newspapers and other media is stark - women are too often reduced to the sum of their body parts, heavily Photoshopped to fit into an ever…

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