Essay on The Media Of Gender And Media

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There is a very strong relationship between gender and media. The media both print, as well as the television media, has been a major perpetrator of gender stereotypes. This is mainly due to the messages that are carried in some of the messages, ads, movies, and posters that are presented by the different media platforms. The messages passed long through the media can and have been influencing the manner in which the society perceives different genders and their roles in the society (Gill, 2007). It is for this reason that it is very important that the media takes into consideration not only the influence that they want to make the choices of an individual, but they also have to make sure they view this from a larger point of view and explore a type of interactions and consequences that this might have on the other individuals in the society. This is especially very important for our younger generation. This is because as they go through the various media platforms, they pick up lot information as well as images those which they carry forward in their manner of interactions. If they pick up a negative stereotype from media content, then this negatively affects their interaction in the society. In this paper, we are going to look the topic of gender and media by looking at a media content that has either created a positive or a negative media stereotype and analyze it.
Name of movie, ad, article, etc. with reference citation as available. For the purpose of this…

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