The Mcdonaldization Of Track And Field Essays

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The McDonaldization of Track and Field
McDonaldization is the product of a societal shift. American society shifted from a period of Industrial Capitalism to Cultural Late Capitalism. Subsequently, the focus of American society was directed toward engineering and consuming products of entertainment and experience like recreation centers and yoga classes, rather than material products like cars (Cite). Entertainment and experience became the focus of society, so to accommodate the more consumers and accumulate the most profit, sports entertainment became heavily McDonaldized. According to the video, “Manufacturing the Elite Body”, McDonaldization in sports is focused on the manufacturing of humans bodies to become more machine like (“Manufacturing,” 2012). In a more expansive and detailed context according to George Ritzer, McDonaldization is constructed by four dimensions: efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control (Ritzer, 2006). These factors have invaded the world of sports and have begun manipulating the essential essence of sports. In this essay, the derivation of Olympic track and field will be discussed, the McDonaldization of Olympic track and field structure will be analyzed according to the four components, efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control, along with the effects it triggers and institutes.
A brief history of Olympic track and field determines that the sport and concepts go back numerous years and have evolved as time went on.…

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