Fast Food Affecting Society

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Did you know that according to McDonald’s is worth around one hundred and ten billion dollars as of today? In the non fiction text, McJobs, by Eric Schlosser, he explains how fast food is changing America. A normal family could be eating fast food for the first time in this new McDonald’s with bright lights and enthusiastic workers. But what they don’t know is that the kids or even the adults will be coming back many times even though it isn’t a good place to have a meal. This is because most of their foods contain msg, a flavor enhancer, which will make you like their food more. This is why people get addicted to fast food. Fast food companies are affecting society in a way that is bad because they do not pay their workers enough, …show more content…
Many Americans spend a lot of money on fast food because they think it is the cheapest tasty food that is possible to find, but that justs leads to build of eating fast food which means spending a lot of money. That earlier question of how much money on fast food is spent yearly can be answered in the following quote, “Americans spent $2.8 billion on candy last Halloween alone, and an annual $117 billion on fast food”(“”). This proves my claim because it shows the build This important because it shows how much Americans depend on Fast-Food and how much they spend on it. This next quote shows how many people in the U.S. eat fast food every single day. “At least 1 in 4 people eat some type of fast food every day”( This is bad because not are a lot of people eating fast food, but twenty-five percent of all Americans are eating fast food every single day. This is important because it shows that so many people eat unhealthily everyday. It also shows that there could be more obesity and people with disease in America. Another quote this time shows how little fast food companies care about their workers. According to “It seeks workers who can easily be hired, fired and replaced”(McJobs). This is something to care about

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