The Math Problem Of Math Essay

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Math has always been a favorite subject of mine and although I have never been the insightful mathematician, and I still struggle with abstract math problems, I always have a positive attitude toward the subject. Growing up in the elementary grades, I recall always getting good grades in math, but usually, those math problems only require the use of traditional problem solving methodologies. During that time, I loved solving math problems which involved only numbers, finishing a math problem before my classmates and also helping my fellow classmates. When I think about math in my early years, I realized how easy and uncomplicated the subject was. However, things became more challenging for me when I reached the higher elementary grades, high school and college. Those were the times when I would often get annoyed when I cannot grasp the topic. I don’t know if this turn in events has to do with the teachers who were teaching the subject, or with me as a student. Though, I must admit that I feel challenged every time I try to solve a math problem and I feel great being able to solve it the right way. Throughout this paper, I will be discussing my experience with math as a student, and my level of confidence both as a student and as a teacher of mathematics.
Thinking back to my younger years, I have always been good with numbers. My first recollection of math takes me back to when I was about four years old. I was in basic school matching numerals with quantity, and counting…

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