The Marketing Strategy Of Bezos Essay

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Amazon started out in 1995 under the newly formed entrepreneur, Jeffery Bezos. An online retail store that was originally for selling books, but the markets has expanded into selling items like clothing and their own tablets. Their main goal is to be the leading curve for technological advances. Especially since their CEO Bezos majored in Computer Science. Their companies ultimate success has been dependent on a few things their CEO, their international Market, and their SWOT analysis. Jeffrey Bezos has gone through many different job before he started up Amazon in 1995. Before it, all he was working at Wall Street and helped manage the development of computerized systems for a bank (Executive Tracker). His experiences allowed him to see that he wanted to give a shot at entrepreneurship, and he did with fresh new eyes. Bezos believes that an entrepreneur should always be looking at the next step, meaning what is the next big thing. They should be at the top of their game and always striving more. Bezos said in an interview with foreign affairs, “Think entrepreneurship and invention are pretty closed coupled” (Bezos). This shows his thoughts especially with all the devices his company has made like the kindle fire, expanding their eBook market greatly. In addition, Bezos believes that if someone is going to start a business, he or she needs to be willing to take risks. If the owner keeps their big picture in mind and allows changing the details, they have the chance for a…

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