The Male Side Essay

1870 Words Sep 21st, 2016 8 Pages
Listening to the male side they feel as though they are being treated completely unfair on campus and the females are claiming the same feeling. While the males feel this is more due to unfair disciplinary action and females claim this is due to academic, both feel it is effective their learning and the overall campus climate. From discussions with the students they seem to continually build a resentment toward each other because they are being treated unfairly. Both of these groups are in the Erikson’s fifth stage. Like with King’s theory the reasoning for both groups being in this stage is very similar so I will focus on the female group. This is a very clear crisis for this group, which puts them into one stage of development. Though a crisis is not always a negative experience, this time it is a negative experience for both the females and the males on campus. As this group claims an oppressed and unequal feeling associated with their identity it is leading to further development. They first must claim the identity and then associate it with this problem and then choose to do something about it or make it known that there is a problem. This shows the “push to define oneself” (Patton, 2016). By expressing this opinion, even though they are doing so are group, they are becoming more independent by separating from other identities and experiences. The root of this problem is that they are experiencing the struggle between how the university perceives them, as a group of…

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