Essay about The Male Gaze And Gender Stereotypes

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The Male Gaze and Gender Stereotypes in Popular Culture
Popular culture is significance of structuring race, class, and gender. “Although popular culture can be a powerful mechanism for sharping us, it can also be a vehicle for challenging structured inequalities and social injustices” (Guy, 2007, P. 15). According to Guy (2007), popular culture emerged as a concept in nineteenth-centry England and was taken to mean the culture of the masses. It was frequently used in contrast to ‘high culture’. Moreover, popular culture is as a complex interplay of cultural products and meanings represents different opinions. In other word, popular culture sharp our understanding of race, class, gender through cinema, music, TV, radio, advertising and video. In the meanwhile, we also deconstruct these various popular culture via critically thinking. Thus, we choose children playdolls packages as one kind of popular culture forms and incorporating them into art class to discuss gender issue with students. The gaze theory justifies the reason of gender stereotyping in society. Sturken and Cartwright (2001, p. 76) prescribed gaze “as looking relations. In much psychoanalytic film criticism, the gaze is not the act of looking itself, but the viewing relationship characteristic of a set of social circumstances.”
From the perspective of film studies, Cartwright (2012) constructed the gaze as a sexual dynamic between masculine position and passive position. In media culture, woman is a gazed…

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