Contemporary Gender Roles In Advertising

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Advertising has been a popular source to communicate with masses in every aspect of our daily lives (Thurm, NJ 2001). The social world is reflected and recreated in a manipulated way by advertising (). It has been an effective tool to motivate people to buy the products and services through diverse visual associations. In some cases, sexual imagery is used to create a meaningful depiction for the associated message. But the halo effect of representing sexuality in advertisements especially for women has raised eyebrows in the field of both media and society.
Earlier females were portrayed to play roles that were more stereotypical representing a domestic field with weak and dependent traits but with the progression of time, women have crossed
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There has been a gap to understand whether this way of representation is due to cultural effects and the role of social institutions that continue to diffuse non-comparable attitudes and hierarchical structures in the relationship between males and females or it is done by promoters/advertisers to intentionally promote female traditional roles and sex object representations in order to gratify the male gaze, provoke, and stimulate hype. Moreover, few people also suggest that females will be represented by only the part (s) of their bodies in …show more content…
But the vacuum of whether the stereotypical representations of women in advertising is increasing or decreasing has not been filled. Some researchers believe advertising shapes our cultural opinions (Pollay 1986) while others believe that advertising highlights the target market values (Holbrook 1987; Soley and Reid 1988) whereas some believe that it depends upon both (Hofstede Geertz 1979). Somehow, it is not strong enough to understand for what roles or values are females are portrayed in a gorgeous perfect identity. Is it for selling the female products, domestic products or as sexual products to appeal men? Moreover, this also gives an opportunity to look into why do gender roles endorsed by models in magazine advertisements vary and differ for males and females. For instance, why men are now shown posing, and women now gazing that was not been evident before as it was vice

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