My Love For Reading Essay

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The love for reading doesn’t come easily to everyone. When I was a young my mother shared her love for books with me revealing hidden worlds, daring heroes, and new ideas. It all kindled my curiosity and creativity. I carried my fascination for books when I started school. My love for reading went into hibernation as I became older; reading was still enjoyable, but had become more of a tedious job that had forced it’s way into my life. I had to learn to love reading again. I had to become like the child I once was, reading with wide eyes filled with excitement and emotions. All changed for me when a reading assignment opened my eyes once again it had sparked my passion for reading again. Reading allows you to find a world in your own mind that …show more content…
When I began the Poison Wood Bible, I noticed how quickly I forgot about Ms. Grant. The conversation I had with my mom gave me the wisdom to let go of my interest about my teacher and focus on why I loved the book. The Poison Wood Bible helped me fall back in love with reading. The Poison Wood Bible helped me through a difficult time, because I could relate to it on a personal level. When problems with my family seem to hit a breaking point, it was there to understand. I saw myself as Leah who was idealistic and passionate, and strived for social justice. The family in the book had many similarities to my own family. The father was selfish and unable to look outside his own needs. The eldest daughter was the princess of the family. The other daughter was brilliant, kept to herself, and was a tomboy. Giving me incite to problems in my own family. I don’t think I could’ve noticed these issues at such an age otherwise. It helped me come to understand that you can’t change people. I grew from knowing this, because I was in a constant battle with my father to change him and help him understand. I came this because of the issues that surrounded the father in the book and how they were common to the ones I had with my own father. It was refreshing to have someone besides those who were close to me relate to the frustration I felt with him. Learning this helped me become a more stable

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