Essay about The Lost Of The Wood

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Lost in the Wood

It was a beautiful sunny day with white clouds sailing in the blue sky. I kept walking,

enjoying the breeze blowing in my face. Lost in my thoughts, I suddenly realized it was now

very dark and I was lost in a forest so deep where I could not even see the stars. So there I stood,

not knowing about my surroundings in a strange place I had never been before. Being in a dark

forest by myself with nothing but a flashlight and a pocket knife, I had to do whatever it took to


I knew the first thing I had to do was to find a shelter, a safe place from any hungry

animals. Next, I would need to find a food source rich enough to last until I could find a way out

of this forest, so I started looking for a perfect spot. After hours of walking, I finally found a

perfect spot in the heart of a massive tree which happened to be deep and wide enough for me to

sleep in, and also had fruits hanging from its branches. Furthermore, there was a river which had

fishes swimming in it. Between the tree and the stream, there was a place wide enough to light a

fire, so I could stay warm. I walked around the shelter area to gather some materials to build a

tent. It didn’t take long for me to find some branches and leaves on the ground. I took them with

me to the shelter area and started to build my basic shelter. First, I lay down the leaves and

grasses to make a soft and comfy place to lay down then I shoved the tall branches into the


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