The Lonely, Good Company Of Books By Richard Rodriguez Essay

1141 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 5 Pages
How I learned to read and write. There are many different ways that a child can learn how to start reading and writing. Such as, their parents reading to them when they were younger or having them read along with them. Parents sometimes have flashcards with letters on them to help their child learn how to write a letter and that will help them form words. This can lead to them later being able .to write sentences and so on. Some children don’t learn how to read or write until they start grade school. These are usually the children that have trouble reading throughout school and have to attend special classes to help with their reading. In Richard Rodriguez’s essay “The Lonely, Good Company of Books” he talks about how from an early age he knew that his mother and father could read and write, but never for pleasure. He watched his father make his way through what he thought was his tax forms and how his mother would read onion-paper letters air-mailed from Mexico. In Russel Bakers essay “Learning to Write” he talks about his English class being dreary and that his teacher would read Macbeth to the class which none of the boys liked to hear and made fun of him for. He then would have to write an informal essay about eating spaghetti that started his love for writing. Some people have to work hard while they go to tutoring. Every week or for a portion of the school day they have to go to a special class that helps people with learning to read or write and some can…

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