The Link Between Phylogenetic Diversity And Ecosystem Health Essay

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Industrial agriculture is an old industry therefore it 's has helped aid many situations and problems that the U.S. and other countries have faced. Industrial techniques have been used in farming for nearly 200 years and will continue to be used for years to come. There have been many improvements throughout industrial agriculture 's history that have made it how is it today. One of those many improvements is biotechnology. The emergence of biotechnology, or genetic engineering, under which laboratory scientists began experimenting with manipulating crops so that they would be resistant to disease. Biotechnology is expected to help improve agriculture by improving quality, nutrition, safety, and the processing of raw crops. Along with that it makes things easier amongst the industry. Experts have found that agriculture is reducing biodiversity. The link between phylogenetic diversity and ecosystem health, and the positive ecological impacts of diversified agricultural systems. Agriculture is bringing people together which makes them have a common interest. Along beside having a common interest they have something that links them so they won 't have to fight. Factory farms, which are owned and run by people, sometimes companies, help other people by providing jobs and other necessities. Providing good, cheap meat protein to consumers is more important than the welfare of factory-farmed chickens, which live only 39 days. If factory farms were abolished, prices would rise…

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