The Life Of A Business Manager

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The life of a Business Manager
Danya was in Edmond, so she decided to stop by Alfredo’s. As soon as she walks into the restaurant, she immediately hears the sizzling of the meat being grilled. She makes her way to a table towards the back where the television is at. Danya gets a chip and before she puts it into her mouth, she dips it into the steamy queso that is sitting in front of her. Tiffany the manager of Alfredo’s spots Danya then makes her way towards her. Tiffany Ramirez chose to go to the business management because she feels right working with numbers and she continues because she gets to build a closer relationship with people.
At first, Tiffany did not know what career she wanted to do. She knew there were plenty of options to choose out of. She was very indecisive. She wanted to do something involving numbers and also something that communicates with people. When she got to accounting that changed Tiffany’s point of view and made her sure that was what she wanted to do. Tiffany said, “The process was hard.” The reason she thought it was hard is because she thought she knew it all. What definitely made her pick her career was it has everything Tiffany enjoys doing. Such as, socializing, overcoming obstacles, and problem solving. “I like the feeling after overcoming an obstacle.” Tiffany came from Tulsa and she did not have anything so she basically lived in her car. Once she moved to Oklahoma City she was

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