The Lexus And The Olive Tree By Thomas Friedman Essay

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What worldly topic could be vastly improving, slowly degrading, or even repeating the same cycles as it has for the last 3000 years, all while depending on a person’s government and point of view? The answer is globalization. Because of our country 's success in the system, a large amount of Americans believe that American ways of economy should be spread to other places to create better economies else where, but not all places agree this is best for them. Author Thomas Friedman notices this and discusses the angle behind someone who believes this kind of globalization is a bad thing. The text I will analyze is a chapter (The Revolution is U.S.) out of the book The Lexus and the Olive Tree by Thomas Friedman. In this chapter, Friedman attempts to reveal what people think when they see America’s (sometimes unwelcome) presence in their home country. He argues that a portion of the world sees “globalization” as “Americanization,” and Americanization scares them because of the amount of selfishness and ruthlessness America has shown towards itself and others. Although some of his supporting evidence is flawed, I believe that by the end of the chapter, Friedman well establishes why some people see globalization as “Americanization,” and why that is bad.

Thomas Friedman is a very well known author. His work is loved by critics, which has helped him win the Pulitzer prize three times. He even is a star of the people, earning himself the title of a favored journalist of the New…

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