The Legalization Of Physician-Assisted Suicide

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Although there is an ongoing debate in the United States about physician-assisted suicide and whether it should be legalized across the United States, the legalization of physician-assisted suicide would not only help patients “die with dignity”, it would also help their families and medical professionals as well. Physician-assisted suicide, or euthanasia, is the process of a medical doctor assisting a terminally ill patient end their lives in a pain free and professional process. Physician-assisted suicide has already been pasted in five states in the United States and in many different countries across the World, and continues to grow in popularity. The supporters of physician-assisted suicide believe that by allowing patients who have suffered …show more content…
Physician-assisted suicide helps patient’s families as well by allowing family members not to see their families suffering anymore, and can also help end the expensive medical bills that can pile up associated with caring for a dying family member. Physician-assisted suicide can also help physicians and other medical professionals focus on more of the people who want to live or still have options left. When a physician spends more time helping a patient who has a stronger chance of living, it gives the patient much needed attention and resources from medical professionals to continue to reach towards living. The legalization of physician-assisted suicide has been benefits that would help everyone involved in the process of treating the terminally ill.

Throughout the United States many terminally ill patients are beginning to find a new option in physician-assisted suicide. The legalization of physician-assisted suicide could be helpful to terminally ill patients in several ways. For many patients attempting suicide could not only dangerous and extremely painful, but attempting suicide on their own could end in failure. If a person fails in
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The debate about whether physician-assisted suicide should be legalized or not across the country is on the rise in United States. Physician-assisted suicide is the process of a physician giving a lethal, pain less substance to help a patient commit suicide. The legalization of physician-assisted would help terminally ill people “die with dignity”, however, it would also help their family members and medical professionals. Those who support the legalization of physician-assisted suicide believe that when physician help terminally ill patients it does more than just help them “die with dignity”. By allowing people to commit physician-assisted suicide it can help them prepare for their deaths, and allow them to spend more time with their families and friends. Families can also benefit from the money they can safe from end of life expenses and seeing their family member die before their family member dies a painful death. Medical professionals can also experience benefits from the legalization of physician-assisted suicide, by being giving more time and resources to help those who have a stronger chance of surviving their illness. One survey showed that a large percentage of physician had either assisted or been involved in assisted suicide. (,) This survey also provided that many physicians found it to be more beneficial than they thought

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