The Legal Drinking Age Of The United States Of America Essay

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Alcohol is a damping substance shows in the fact the slowdown of the body 's functions. Substance withholds the mind and prevents it from being able to think basically. Some of the teenagers drink alcoholic to have fun or to feel happy. On the other hand, teenagers drink to copy a family member or friend. The legal drinking age in the United States of America is twenty-one now. The government should raise the legal drinking age to twenty-five years; because of the harmful effects on the brain, liver and being alcoholism.
The brain is the center of consciousness and the basis of the regularity of human life. Drinking alcohol affects the brain loses mental balance. People forget what happened when they get drunk. Alcohol makes the brain difficult to convey a short-term memory into long-term memory. For teens, the dangers of alcohol are beyond the weakening of memory. Alcohol may cause serious and long-lasting changes in the brain Research has shown strong links between long-term heavy alcohol use and impairments in cognitive functioning, like slow processing of information, difficulty in learning new things and reduced problem-solving ability. The more you have been drinking, the greater the impairments will be. These effects are due to damage caused by alcohol in numerous ways for example Waste of brain tissue, development of scar tissue in the brain, and chronic vitamin deficiencies. All these negatives that destroy the brain in the short term or the long term makes us think…

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